Conference Services

Complimentary Services

Complimentary Services

*For UF entities only

  • Basic Registration Page - We will provide a basic registration page that can be linked from the homepage of your conference website.
  • Registration Services - We provide excellent customer service to participant inquiries; securely receive and process credit cards, checks, and EFTs; create and enter registrations into our database; prepare deposits; process cancellation refunds; and track accounts receivable.
  • Online Report Access - We will provide you access to online reports that will allow you to monitor your finances as well as keep track of participant registration.
  • Budgeting - We develop a detailed budget based on your input and desired outcome.  After you have had an opportunity to review the budget, it will need to be signed by your Dean or Department Chair in order for it to be entered in our system and a program number generated for your event.
  • Hotel Contract Review - If you have already selected a venue and negotiated a contract, we will review and sign the document for the University of Florida.  If someone other than a designated representative of the University of Florida signs the contract, then the individual who signs the contract is personally liable for the contract.
  • Program Closing - At the conclusion of your event, we will help you close the program and move any residual money to either a new program or to one of our Program Development Account.

Additional Services

* Please click on the following link, Conference Planning Task List, to review and select the types of services you would like to receive a quote for.